LOBA EasyPrime

Polyurethane-acrylate waterborne primer for roller and trowel application for wooden floors. This universal primer offers rapid drying. It offers maximum safety thanks to no lap marks, even with critical types of wood.

Primer, 100% free of roller marks!

  • Used on millions of m² worldwide every year
  • All-rounder offering maximum processing reliability
  • Premium quality at a fair price
  • Optimised adhesion between wood and finish
  • Reduces side bonding
  • Suitable for use with practically all European and exotic woods, as well as in sports and multipurpose halls.
  • Consumption: 5 LTR for 40-50 m²
  • Packaging (article nr.): 1 LTR (146262) / 5 LTR (118329)

Range of use: Suitable for virtually all types of European and exotic timber. The side-bonding effect of waterborne finishes is reduced. No block bonding occurs with parquet or wooden flooring that has been properly laid and bonded or secured with shear-resistant adhesive.

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