LOBA Whitener

LOBA Whitener is an additive that is added to water-based LOBA primers and finishes for a smooth brightening of wood floors. The intensity of the whitening may be individually controlled by variable application in one or more layers.

Additive for brightening wood surfaces

  • Creates a smooth brightening of the wood surface
  • Intensifies the whitening effect of white colored surfaces
  • Variable control of brightening intensity
  • Helps prevent the natural yellowing of the wood
  • Water-based technology, solvent-free
  • Simple and safe application
  • 24 months' shelf life
  • Consumption: 1 X 80 ML for 5 L/KG
  • Packaging (article nr.): 80 ML (149778)

LOBA Whitener may be combined with all water-based primers and finishes from LOBA to meet a wide range of requirements. The use in one or more layers makes the system extremely flexible and offers numerous design options.

Suitable for all light wood species as well as light-colored wood surfaces. For dark wood species we recommend consultation with LOBA. Preferably recommended for matte finishes.

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