LOBA Amberizer

LOBA Amberizer is an additive that achieves a color intensification of wood surfaces. It imitates the appearance of an aged surface treated with oil modified polyurethane finish or solvent-based PU finishes, by adding it to water-based LOBA finishes and primers. Through the variable use in one or more layers, the color intensity can be individually controlled.

Additive to bestow your dark wooden floor a warm amber look

  • May be combined with all water-based primers and finishes from LOBA
  • For an aged look with the resistance of a finished surface
  • Adjustment of newly finished surfaces to solvent-containing finished existing surfaces
  • Water-based technology, solvent-free
  • Simple and safe application
  • Great to touch up and repair of old floors
  • Convenient package and great color consistency
  • Consumption: 1 x 80 ml for 5 L/KG
  • Packaging (article nr.): 80 ml (151904)
Range of use: Suitable for all dark wood species as well as dark-colored wood surfaces. For light wood species we recommend consultation with LOBA. Perfectly adjusted for all water-based LOBA primers and finishes. LOBA Amberizer and finishes: Trust this combination if you want to bestow dark wood floors a warm touch and more depth effect while achieving optimal, safe and long-lasting protection.

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