LOBA 2K ImpactOil Color

LOBA 2K ImpactOil Colour based on natural ingredients. Accentuates the natural character of the wood and achieves an excellent properties. As a result, suitable for public and private areas with high quality demands, and can even be used in wet areas. Due to its good penetration properties the wood will be preserved, but remains porous and breathable. Compared to regular 1C oils the 2C technology achieves a quicker curing, a lower susceptibility to dirt and a better water and chemical resistance.

Natural flooring oil in 16 different colours

  • Excellent water resistance, including for parquet flooring in wet zones such as bathrooms or spa areas.
  • Time-saving processing in the 1-day system
  • Extremely economical to use
  • 100% solid - solvent-free
  • All variants can be mixed with each other
  • Simple and safe application
  • Can be used after just 24 hours
  • See data sheet for colour chart

Range of use: For staining of parquet and hardwood floors. Suitable for initial impregnating treatment of hardwood floors. Also suitable for rooms that are exposed to increased levels of moisture, such as bathrooms, spa areas, etc. Anti-slip as per BGR 181 and DIN 51130 evaluation group R9. Suitable for children’s toys, as the requirements of DIN EN 71-3 - “Migration of certain elements” are met. Suitable for virtually all types of European and exotic timber. Note the LOBA wood types list, which can be found at If in doubt, consult the factory.

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