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Wakol self levelling compound for wood floors

  |  Wakol self levelling compound for wood floors

Self levelling compound for wood floors

Wakol offer a range products that can be used to improve subfloor characteristics such as flatness, level, acoustic transmission and thermal resistance.
These products are designed as part of a system and are compatible with the appropriate Wakol primers and adhesives.

Wakol self levelling compound:

The Wakol Z520 Thin Screed is an extremely rapid drying water mix product and ideal under all wooden floor installations, especially parquet. This is because the product is strong enough to withstand the stresses that a wooden floor transfers on the subfloor. The product is self-levelling, fiber re-enforced and creates a flat subfloor. It can be applied in a thickness of 3 mm to 40mm.

WAKOL Z 520 can applied on top of the following primers:

Wakol PU280 Wakol_D3045 Wakol_D_3035