Wakol MS330 Silane Primer

Wakol MS330 Silane Primer is a ready-to-use 1-component MS primer for priming absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors, and to reinforce abraded resp. sanded concrete edges.

  • DPM in only one layer and dry within 1 hour!
  • Free of epoxy and isocyanates
  • 1 component = no mixing, no pot life, no waste of material

Ready-to-use quick drying primer

  • Quick drying (dry in only 60 minutes)
  • Single component silane primer
  • One coat only DPM
  • Strenghtens the subfloor
  • Can be used on absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors
  • Solvent and water free
  • Usage per m²: approx. 80-120 g/m² as primer, approx. 250 g/m² as moisture barrier
  • Packaging (article nr.): 10 kg (147851)


  • Consolidates the sub floor.
  • Binds old adhesive and plaster residues.
  • Isolates humidity in sand cement screeds, up to 95% KRL without UFH and up to 85% KRL with UFH.
  • After only 1 hour drying, direct installation of wooden floors can be started with a WAKOL MS Parquet Adhesive.
  • After only 1 hour drying, self levelling can start with the appropriate WAKOL self levelling compound. Always apply the WAKOL D 3045 Special Primer to the surface before the levelling compound is poured.

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