The Lalit Hotel: something different (London)

This project was quite unusual as the client needed to lift the original pine parquet block, create a new low tension sub floor and then refit the old floor as detailed by the architect. Hamish Anderson of Campbell Contracts, with the help of Lecol, decided to use a unique system that met with everyone’s expectations and specification.


After the block was removed and the sub floor was cleaned, a layer of Wakol PU280 was used to create a barrier. Wakol EM140 decoupling fleece was then adhered to surface with Wakol MS260 to create the low tension sub floor. Subsequently,  Wakol Z715 leveling compound was poured on to the fleece to obtain the level needed for the installation of the parquet block. The machined parquet block was then installed using Wakol MS260. This floor build up is not typical but is a good example of the diversity available through the Wakol systems. Once installed, the floor was finished with LOBADUR® WS EasyPrime and LOBADUR® WS 2K Fusion lacquer.


The end result was a replication of the original floor but in prime condition and with a low tension sub floor beneath. Wakol and Loba systems combined to provide the guarantee of performance


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Project name:

The Lalit Hotel in London



Floor covering:

Pine Parquet Block


300 sqm


United Kingdom


September 2018