Restoration of Hardwood Floor in Iver (Buckinghamshire)

This hardwood Herringbone floor in Iver Buckinghamshire was in a very tired state, with some deep scratches and heavily worn areas. Darren Bedwell of Art Restoration carried out some very sympathetic sanding and levelling techniques using the Lägler PST system, consisting of the Hummel, Flip and Trio machines.


They then spread the whole floor with Lecol 7500 Filler using sawdust from the floor and finished the preparation with the final sand on a 180 mesh. The floor was then sealed with LOBADUR® EasyPrime which gave a fantastic build and finished in 2 coats of LOBADUR® Viva Matt. A total transformation was achieved and the client can’t believe it is the same floor.


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Project name:

Restoration of Hardwood Floor in Iver, Buckinghamshire


Residential property (family home)

Floor covering:



115 sqm


United Kingdom


October 2018