Wakol Z626 Levelling Compound

WAKOL Z 626 Levelling compound:
  • Excellent flow and finish
  • Walkable in two hours
  • Fit wooden floors in as little as six hours
  • Creates an even subfloor 3-20 mm
  • Self flowing
  • Gives the subfloor absorbent properties
  • Smooths out rough spot
  • Creates the preferred surface for gluing wood floors
  • EC1 Plus: very low emission
Consumption per m²: 1,5 KG P/MM Packaging (article nr.): bag of 22 kg (165660)
Area of application
Low-tension, cement-based levelling compound for smoothing out unevenness in layers 2 - 20 mm thick underneath • Textile flooring • elastic flooring • Parquet (minimum 3 mm thickness required) • cork flooring indoors. Contact our technical dept for any assistance.

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