Wakol MS 260 Parquet Adhesive: high tensile strength

MS adhesive has one major difference to traditional fixed adhesives, which is: the product is flexible. Floors installed using this type of adhesive are always allowed to move more than a floor fixed with a traditional solid curing adhesive. With Wakol MS 260 we have significantly reduced the flexibility! Wakol MS 260 is a high tensile strength formula that reduces the risk of excessive movement.

As a consequence, the advantage is that Wakol MS 260 can be used for a much wider range of applications than its competition. For example: it is possible to install distressed floors without the risk of the adhesive staining the floor. The high initial grab of Wakol MS 260 makes it ideal to install all engineered wood floors directly to the sub floor, additionally Wakol MS 260 is suitable for the installation of wide solid boards up to180 mm, end-grain parquet and 14mm solid wood direct to the sub floor. Floors that have been installed with Wakol MS 260 can also be finished with water based lacquers without the usual issues.

Single component adhesive
Solvent and water free
No known allergic reactions
Easy to remove from pre-finished floors
No dirty hands
Suitable for under-floor heating systems
Very good filling properties
Flexible / High tensile strength
High initial grab
100% solid content
Consumption per m²: 800-1400 gr
Packaging (article nr.): 18 KG (130757)

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