Project: Arundel Castle A GLORIOUS PROJECT: Arundel castle

Lecol proudly contributed to a glorious restoration project in West Sussex. Arundel Castle’s history dates back to the year 1068. With nearly 1000 years of history it is still a popular tourist attraction with many activities organised.

For this floor restoration at Arundel Castle we were tasked with lifting and reinstalling the original parquet blocks. To complete this project we collaborated with Black Duck Flooring Ltd. to create a timeless masterpiece.



A project like this asks for meticulous preparation. Before preparing the floor, it was carefully destructed by removing the old floor. To make sure we had a perfect base we applied two primers and made sure the entire surface was levelled. So, the subfloor was sealed with  Wakol MS330 silane primer and Wakol D3045 gritted primer. To complete this process the floor was levelled with Wakol Z520 thin screed.









The next step is the installation, which we were able to start within 24 hours. Utilizing Wakol MS260 adhesive then ensured a strong bond, this adhesive is great for floors like these. Using the correct adhesive made made sure the process got expedited. Keep that in mind for your next project. 


After reinstalling the floor with the original floorparts, the entire surface is sanded with the Lägler Hummel. In order to maintain the original floor’s aesthetic, to finish and foremost protect the floor, we used a primer and lacquer. For the primer coat we used Loba Primaseal Plus primer, which also intesifies the original colour of the wood. To tie everything in we applied two coats of Loba 2K Fusion, which is perfect for surfaces that ensure heavy wear resistance. Resulting in a durable surface with the perfect sheen.


The outcome is a faithful replication of the original floor, now in pristine condition. Furthermore the floor is complemented by a low-tension subfloor and the combined Connected System of Wakol and Loba guarantee an unparalleled performance, which always lead to great results. Last but not least, a big thank you to Black Duck Flooring Ltd. for the great collaboration.