wood finish

So-called “invisible lacquers” for wood finish are a trend that can no longer be ignored when finishing parquet and wooden floors. The natural appearance of raw wood is appealing due to its light color, extremely matt esthetic and the fresh unmodified surface. Of course, untreated wood still needs to be finished to prevent wear and to prevent the absorption of dirt and stains. There are a number of coating systems on the market that claim to achieve this effect. However, oftentimes these systems have one or more of the following drawbacks.

Wood Finish Clear

To obtain the extreme matt effect, some lacquer systems are manufactured with a very large amount of filling material. This material sits on the top of the lacquer layer and with little wear and tear, the material disappears. Consequently, gloss marks appear in intensively used areas. Other varnish systems contain a white pigment to achieve the light color effect. With pigmented lacquers it is possible that coloured deposits remain visible on the floor surface if the pigment is not absorbed completely. Many invisible lacquer systems are applied in three layers and so the grain can become completely filled with a coloured pigment. This can result in an unnatural, plastic effect.

The LOBA 2K Invisible Protect overcomes these disadvantages:

Wood finishing LOBA 2K Invisible protect

  • Is consistent throughout the entire varnish layer. When the surface is worn, no gloss marks appear.
  • Does not contain a coloured pigment, making this product very easy to apply without streaks.
  • Can be applied in only two layers. This is significant in regard to time and material savings. The end result is a raw natural finish.

This product is the latest generation of water-based surface protection for parquet and wooden floors and can cope with really high foot traffic. The natural look and structure of untreated wood is retained. The virtually invisible layer is extremely scratch and chemical resistant due to the use of high-quality raw materials. It is also elastic, and has excellent abrasion resistance.

wood finish

How to finish wood?

  • Can be over coated and can be walked on gently after at least 4-6 hours.
  • Intermediate sanding after at least 8-10 hours.
  • Light use after 24 hours.
  • Can be covered after 5 days.

Suitable for oak and light coloured parquet, wooden and cork floors. Would you like to finish another type of wood with this product? Then please contact us.

Anti-slip rating according to BGR 181 and DIN 51130 class R9.



How to use wood finish?

  • Water varnish roller (nylon) 12mm
  • Microfiber water varnish roller
  • Water lacquer roller with bracket
  • LOBA paint bucket including lid
  • LOBA Whitener, to delay future ambering

Thinner: The product is ready for use and must not be diluted!

If you need help and advice on something that is not covered, please contact us and we will try our best to answer your questions.