Applying a varnish or lacquer to a wooden floor is not as simple as is often thought. The lacquer is applied with a roller, usually 25 cm wide. An average parquet floor is approximately 40 m² in size, which means that several layers of lacquer have to be applied with a roller. It is very important that each layer and application process produces the perfect end result. Unfortunately, this often goes wrong and the problem is often caused when applying the first coat of product, the primer. Such problems are a thing of the past with Lobadur® EasyPrime, as this primer is very easy to apply and creates the perfect surface for the lacquer coats.

LOBA Varnish

The LOBA WS EasyPrime is suitable for almost all European and exotic woods and is available in 1 liter and 5 liters. Always check the Loba wood species list before starting the job.To avoid issues AND if you have questions, it is best to consult a member of our team. The edge-bonding effect of water-based finishes is significantly reduced by the use of this product.

Loba WS EasyPrime Varnish


  • Used on millions of m² worldwide every year
  • Universal benefits with maximum optical security
  • Easy to apply
  • Premium quality at a reasonable price
  • Optimizes the adhesion between wood and lacquer
  • Reduces edge bonding

Varnish wooden floor

The primer can usually have lacquer applied on the surface after approximately 60 minutes at the earliest. The subsequent lacquer coats must be applied within 24 hours of the primer drying.

The varnish can be applied with the following products

  • Water varnish roller (nylon)
  • Microfiber water varnish roller
  • Water varnish roller Bracket
  • Loba lacquer bucket including lid
  • LOBADUR® Amberizer to make the paint a bit darker 
  • LOBADUR® Whitener, to lighten the paint a bit


Lacquers suitable for overcoating

Normal traffic: for example a bedroom

Heavy traffic: for example a living room
LOBADUR® 2K Fusion

Particularly heavy traffic: for example an office or a shop
LOBADUR® 2K Fusion
LOBADUR® 2K Supra A.T.
LOBADUR® 2K InvisibleProtect A.T.


  • Thinner: the product is ready for use and must not be diluted!.
  • Intermediate sanding: Do not sand the primer before the application of Loba lacquer coats. It is best to apply the first Loba lacquer coat directly to the EasyPrime (once dry) and let it dry completely. Then intermediate sanding can take place before the application of the final Loba lacquer coat.

If you need help and advice on something that is not covered, please contact us and we will try our best to answer your questions.