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Effectively handling frost-sensitive products

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Effectively handling frost-sensitive products and materials during cold weather is crucial. In the cold winter months, storing and using certain products can be challenging. Water-based lacquers and dispersion primers are particularly sensitive to low temperatures. Therefore, it is essential to store these products correctly to maintain their quality.


Avoid storing at cold temperatures

Water-based lacquers and dispersion primers should not be stored below +5 degrees Celcius. Cold temperatures can disrupt the chemical composition and affect the properties of these products. Storing them in vans or unheated areas can result in undesirable changes, such as texture loss and reduced adhesion, ultimately affecting finish quality.


Tips for using these products on the job

  1. Upon arrival at the job site, immediately place frost-sensitive products in a heated room as to minimize exposure to cold temperatures and preserve quality.
  2. Pay attention to sanding materials as they can also be affected by cold weather. Store them in a warm environment to prolong their lifespan and prevent sanding problems.


Importance of correct storage

Proper handling of frost-sensitive products not only affects the quality of work but also saves time and money. It helps prevent unnecessary waste of materials and minimizes the chances of repair work due to poor workmanship.