Apply a DPM. Wakol MS330

Applying a DPM is sometimes necessary if there is too much moisture in the subfloor and waiting is not an option. You can also opt for extra security and wait for the subfloor to dry naturally. In today’s quick moving environment, this is the less likely option. With the WAKOL MS330 Silane Primer the waiting time is reduced to a minimum. You have a moisture barrier in just 1 layer and within 1 hour. As the product is completely free of epoxy and isocyanates it is also a cleaner choice for your project.



waterproof membranes

  • DPM in only 1 layer and dry within 1 hour!
  • Free of epoxy and isocyanates, so much healthier to work with
  • 1 component = no mixing, no pot life, no waste of material

dpm liquid

Watch the video and decide yourself!

dpm floor

  • Consolidates the sub floor
  • Binds old adhesive and plaster residues
  • Isolates humidity in sand cement screeds, up to 95% KRL without UFH and 85% KRL with UFH
  • After only 1 hour drying, direct installation of wooden floors can be started with a WAKOL MS Parquet Adhesive or
  • After only 1 hour drying, self levelling can start with the appropriate WAKOL self levelling compound. Always apply the WAKOL D3045 Special Primer to the surface before the levelling compound is poured.


If you have any questions about this product or would like an onsite demonstration, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.