LOBA SportCare

LOBA SportCare; waterborne floor care product to protect finished floors. SportCare protects the finished floors by forming a protective layer against fine scratches and wear marks. Prevents preterm wear-out and actively prolongs the durability of the surface.

For sport floors - with anti-slip properties

  • Maintains the floor’s value and appearance
  • Provides long-term protection against wear
  • Brings new shine to tired and worn floors
  • Prevents scuff marks from shoe soles in the finish
  • Especially safe to walk on
  • Simple and safe application
  • Extremely high scuff-mark resistance
  • Consumption per 100 m²: 3-4 litres per application (undiluted), 1-2 litres per application (diluted)
  • Packaging (article nr.): 1 LTR (120131)
Range of use: Suitable care product for finished parquet, hardwood floors, cork floor coverings, linoleum and PVC coverings. Maintains the dynamic coefficient of friction for sports flooring as required by DIN 18032.

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