LOBA 2K Supra A.T.

The hardest waterborne finish on the market & the ultimate scratch protection.

Ceramic-reinforced waterborne 2-Component polyurethane finish. For extremely heavy wear. The exceptionally high resistance to scratching and durability of the finish gives wooden flooring long-lasting protection. It can also be used fully after a curing time of just 24 hours. Elastic, excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.

  • Fully usable after 24 hours
  • Sets new standards in quality
  • Meets highest demands
  • Extremely high scratch resistance thanks to ceramic components
  • Qualified for various floorings
  • Consumption: 5 KG for 40-50 m²
  • Packaging (article nr.): 5 KG SEMI-GLOSS (136831) / 5 KG MATT (144247)

Range of use: Suitable for parquet and hardwood floors, as well as cork, linoleum or PVC floor coverings. Achieves the dynamic coefficient of friction as per DIN 18032 for sports flooring.

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