Between October 3rd and 5th, we held a WAKOL Chevron and Herringbone installation course at FloorSkills (Europe’s largest independent commercial flooring training centre). During this 3-day course we focused on the correct application of WAKOL moisture suppressants, primers, levelling compound, wood flooring adhesive and an introduction to LOBA finishing lacquers. We also included in-depth subfloor preparation and installation of wood flooring, border work and basic sanding.



The first day of the WAKOL training at FloorSkills we welcomed our participants and started the day with important theoretical background. Starting with the usual health & safety rules. We’re following up with some theory on different subfloors and how these are constructed. Then we focused on how to prepare Anhydrite/Calcium Sulphate and reading moisture in solid subfloors. The rest of the morning was spent applying moisture suppressants and the application of primers to porous and non-porous subfloors. (WAKOL D 3045, D 3035 and D 3003)

We continued with applying levelling compounds to solid and timber-based subfloors. (WAKOL Z 520 & Z 626) Finishing up with the installation of plywood to timber subfloors according to British Standards and improving the participant’s templating skills for plywood.



Following on from Sub floor preparation, we began the second day with wood science and reading moisture in timber subfloors and wood flooring. We then trained the participants on setting out for Herringbone and Chevron floors and borders. Later, the participants learned how to apply wood flooring adhesives (WAKOL MS 260 Adhesive) correctly. After learning how to set out a Herringbone and Chevron floor in the morning the participants were ready to learn to install such floors and learned how to create scribe jigs for diagonal cuts to walls. All course participants practiced their skills and created some interesting designs.



The final day of the course at FloorSkills started with different methods on how to cut back borders. Followed up with the installation of the borders with a sausage gun and MS262 sausage adhesive. The morning concluded with an introduction to sanding and finishing  wooden flooring. The last part of the day and this course focused on the application of wood fillers with Lecol 7500. Continuing with the topics regarding sanding grades and the final finish. Now, it was time to look at the finishing Applying Loba primers, lacquers and oils.

For this part we used different LOBA products, such as PrimaSeal Plus, WS EasyPrime, ProColor, and the 2K InvisibleProtect. The participants learned much more about lacquer application, different wood species requirements, drying times and expectations. Once the finishes were applied, time was spent on wooden floor maintenance, correct products and processes. Lastly, we held a Q&A session in order to answer any questions that the participants could have.

We concluded the training and gave each participant a completion certificate and a voucher to spend on WAKOL and LOBA products. All that remains is our gratitude all guys for their participation, effort and enthusiasm. Thank you to FloorSkills Training Centre for facilitating the course.


Wakol_training subfloor Chevron Herringbone installation Wakol_training Finishing Loba