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The LOBA training days at KHR Company Ltd

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Yesterday we had another successful LOBA training day at the KHR training centre in Southampton & great news.. there are many more coming up!



During a LOBA training day you get to develop your knowledge on LOBA products, including primers, lacquers, solvent colours and hardwax oils. Furthermore you learn on how to plan for desired outcomes, match wood species to products. Get to know the basics on colour-matching and how to work with application tools. Learn about product care and its lifespan, closing with floor aftercare and maintenance.

Overall, a great day to update your knowledge whether you’re a beginning or an experienced professional.


Plan your training day.

For 2023 we have planned 8 Loba training days at KHR training centre in Southampton. Per training day there is place for 10 participants, so make sure you’re in time with booking your spot.

  • May 25
  • June 29
  • July 27
  • Septemer 28
  • October 26
  • November 30
  • December 21

To book your spot on a date suiting you, please fill in the Training Enquiry Form on the website of KHR. Click here for a direct link to their training page.