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Introducing The New LOBADUR® Whitener

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A few weeks ago, we posted on our socials about the Lecol UK Team being in Germany for the Loba Wakol Summer Seminar. At that time, we asked you to keep your eyes peeled for some products that we planned to introduce to the UK. Well here it is…, the new LOBADUR® Whitener Additive. Yellowing / ambering of wood is not caused by the finish but is a natural occurrence in the wood. The LOBADUR® Whitener assists with the delay of this process.

We have already had the opportunity to test the LOBADUR® Whitener Additive here in the UK, with thanks to our friends Duncan and Paul at @WoodandStone. So easy to use, even Fraser’s daughters were able to apply it. The customer requested that their Douglas Fir floor was finished to maintain the natural sanded appearance. However, whatever finish that was tested on-site, the floor was left with a rich and intense appearance, as demonstrated in the photos underneath. We therefore added the LOBADUR® Whitener to one coat LOBADUR® EasyPrime and both coats LOBADUR® Viva Matt, to leave the floor light and bright, to meet the customers’ expectations.


INTERESTED? PLEASE GIVE FRASER MCARTHUR A CALL! He is our Loba specialist and will be pleased to help you.








LOBADUR® Whitener is an additive that is added to water-based LOBADUR® primers and finishes for a smooth brightening of wood floors. The intensity of the whitening may be individually controlled by variable application in one or more layers.

  • Creates a smooth brightening of the wood surface
  • Intensifies the whitening effect of white colored surfaces
  • Variable control of brightening intensity
  • For a wide range of requirements
  • Helps prevent the natural yellowing of the wood
  • Water-based technology, solvent-free
  • 24 months’ shelf life

LOBADUR® Whitener may be combined with all water-based primers and finishes from LOBA to meet a wide range of requirements. The use in one or more layers makes the system extremely flexible and offers numerous design options.

Suitable for all light wood species as well as light-colored wood surfaces. For dark wood species we recommend consultation with LOBA. Preferably recommended for matte finishes.