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A new look for LOBA

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After many years of loyal service LOBA says goodbye to their labels and made their choice for a new look. The formulas don’t change, nor their quality.
The new, user-friendly designs make it a lot easier to find the product you need in the blink of an eye. How they do this? We’ll explain it.

The label is built from different segments:

COLOURCODINGSYSTEM A new look for loba

The colored block defines the type of product with a color. There are 5 categories (see image): Brown: preparation; light blue: primer; blue: finishes; light green: oil/wax; Green: cleaning & maintenance.


The background image features the application area of the product. Below the different categories (see image below):

  • Indoor | Wood | Preparation
  • Indoor | Wood | Sealing-systems
  • Indoor | Wood | Sport
  • Indoor | Wood | Oil-/wax systems
  • Indoor | Cement floor
  • Indoor | Flexible
  • Indoor | Flexible | Sport
  • Outdoor

Scanning the QR-code with the camera of your mobile device will direct you to the official website of LOBA. The redirection gives additional product information about a specific product.


Features product specific quality marks.


In the upper right corner 3 categories are stated. In order to recognize for which phase the product is used: Filler, primer, finish.


Name of the product.


It’s not standard for every product. However, some products have a special feature, such as anti-slip.


Information if a product needs a second component/products.


On a scale from one to ten, how much can the product take. Depending on the functionality of the space.

Surely it takes a minute to get used to the new look of Loba, because you’re used to the current labels. Altogether this improvement makes the labels much more user-friendly. Choosing your product becomes much easier. Lastly, implementing the new labels will be a step-by-step process.