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Loba was founded in 1922. We are looking forward to celebrating the centenary year in 2022. This is nearly 100 years of expertise in the field of finishing and maintaining wooden and parquet floors.

Loba headquarters and manufacturing is based in Ditzingen, near Stuttgart, Germany. Today, you will find the Loba brand excelling in its field, in almost every country in the World. Loba believes in the highest quality of standards, which is key to the continued success, development and progress of this Global brand.

In 2018 Loba was purchased by Wakol, a leading German supplier of under floor accessories, such as primers, levelling compounds and adhesives for floor installation. Together they offer connected systems. Adhesives, lacquers and oils manufactured by either company are compatible with each other and work to produce a synergic result. This is almost unique in the flooring industry and contractors can now be sure that adverse reactions can be avoided by using the Wakol and Loba product range. A completely coordinated system can be specified and applied, from the subfloor creation to the maintenance of the floor surface and everything in between.

Loba products

Loba products bring out the very best in every floor. Both in terms of quality and aesthetic. In the UK, we specialise in the Loba products specific to wooden floors and can offer products in the following areas of finishing:

Loba products have been developed with a lot of attention, including (but not restricted to) the following areas:

  • Durability, for longevity and peace of mind
  • Resistance to external influences such as chemicals, pollution, scratches and day to day wear and tear
  • Fast drying
  • Hassle-free and easy to apply
  • Many design options, colours and sheen levels
  • Complying with the strictest requirements with regard to the environment and personal safety

Loba product groups

Loba has a number of product groups:

Lobadur®: Water-based products such as primers and varnishes. For example, a primer free of splash or overlap marks or a primer with a color-deepening effect. Stains in various modern colors are also available to change the color of a wooden floor. Both 1-component and two-component lacquers. Different additives are available to obtain special color effects, such as the Whitener additive to lighten and brighten the finish.

Lobasol®: Natural oils and waxes. The 2-layer hardwax oil system with a protective film or the 1-layer solvent-free impregnation oil for the most natural effect. Both of these oil systems are available in a transparent version or in several modern colors.

Lobacare®: Maintenance products. Cleaning and protection products, for easy and effective cleaning of the floor without damaging it. Protective products to give the floor an even longer life and protection.

If you need help and advice on something that is not covered, please contact us and we will try our best to answer your questions.

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