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Loba oils for wooden floors

  |  Loba oils for wooden floors

Loba oils for wooden floors

Loba, the finishing specialist, offers a complete range of wooden floor oils. Under the name Lobasol® there are parquet flooring oils with which a high-quality finish can be achieved.
Lobasol® wooden floor oils give the wood a nice deep and natural colour. Loba offer two excellent oil systems.

1. High Solid impregnating oil


The Lobasol® HS 2K ImpactOil is a hardwood flooring oil based on 100% natural oils and contains no solvents. The second component (hardener) of this product ensures rapid drying, so that the floor is quickly resistant to water. Applied in a one-layer system, ImpactOil impregnates the wood, resulting in the enhancement of the natural character o

f the wood to emphasize its beauty. This impregnating oil gives a deeper colour to the surface and is a finish in itself, without the need of a lacquer film on top. When applying, please ensure all excess is removed (beige pad), as it is NOT a film forming finish.


This impregnating wood finishing oil is very easy and quick to apply without marking or overlapping.


Lobasol® HS 2K ImpactOil is available in a transparent version but also in 17 modern colours. It is only available in one sheen level, which is achieved mainly by the sanding sequence used by the contractor.

It is also possible to create many more colour effects by firstly applying a water-based stain, Lobasol® PreTone. This means that an even deeper colour effect is possible, or an attractive 2-tone colour combination can be achieved. Lobasol® PreTone is available in 5 beautiful colours (White, Black, Steel, Brown and Mocha).


2. Hardwax oil

Lobasol® Markant is a hardwax wood finishing oil for flooring that is applied in two layers. This film-forming hardwax oil finish gives a deepening of the natural wood colour and fills the pores. This creates excellent protection against moisture and dirt.

The two layers of hardwax oil are very easy to apply.

Lobasol_markantLobasol® Markant is available in transparent, in matt or semi-gloss sheen levels.

Lobasol_Markant_colorAlso available in 17 modern hardwax oil colours, known as MarkantColor, which is firstly applied to the freshly sanded floor, then finished the following day with Markant Transparent.

lobasol_markant_natureMarkantNature is a newer transparent version of Markant, that offers non-colour deepening effect and prevents yellowing of the wood. MarkantNature can be used as an alternative to the normal Markant Transparent, for that beautiful and trendy, nearly Invisible appearance.