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Loba Lacquers for wooden floor

  |  Loba Lacquers for wooden floor

Loba lacquers

LOBADUR® Viva is a single-component lacquer. This wear-resistant finish is immediately ready for use and is available in a matt or semi-gloss sheen. Available in matt and semi-gloss (1 liter and 5 liter).

LOBADUR® 2K Fusion is a two-component lacquer. This high wear-resistant polyurethane lacquer has a high chemical resistance and is suitable for residential and commercially used floors. Available in matt or semi-gloss sheens. Available in matt and semi-gloss (1 liter).

LOBADUR® 2K Invisible Protect A.T. is a unique two-component lacquer. This high wear-resistant polyurethane lacquer can be applied without a primer and is therefore applied in only two-layers. Invisible Protect leaves the floor with the feel and appearance of a freshly sanded floor. This is enhanced by the natural and extremely matt effect. This light color fits perfectly in modern interiors. Available in 1 liter and 5 liters.

LOBADUR® Supra A.T. is a two-component lacquer based on ceramic technology. This means extremely wear, scratch and chemical resistance. You use this lacquer in situations where only the very best finish will suffice, for instance very high traffic hotels, restaurants and bars. Available in a semi-gloss or matt sheen. Available in matt and semi-gloss (1 liter and 5 liter).

Lobadur WS Viva Lobadur 2k fusion Lobadur 2K invisible protection Lobadur WS Supra AT


The lacquer systems of the LOBADUR® line impress with a wide range of applications: they are suitable for floors with normal to even heavy wear, for a matt or glossy look and for colored floors. LOBADUR® primers are easy and safe to apply and offer the highest quality.

Optional Additives

LOBADUR® Whitener is an additive that is added to water-based LOBADUR® primers and finishes for a smooth brightening of wood floors. The intensity of the whitening may be individually controlled by variable application in one or more layers.
• Creates a smooth brightening of the wood surface
• Intensifies the whitening effect of white colored surfaces
• Variable control of brightening intensity
• Helps prevent the natural yellowing of the wood
• Water-based technology, solvent-free
• Simple and safe application
• 24 months’ shelf life
• Consumption: 1 X 80 ML for 5 L/KG
• Packaging (article nr.): 80 ML (149778) Lobadur_whitener

LOBADUR® Whitener may be combined with all water-based primers and finishes from LOBA to meet a wide range of requirements. The use in one or more layers makes the system extremely flexible and offers numerous design options. Suitable for all light wood species as well as light-colored wood surfaces. For dark wood species we

LOBADUR® Amberizer is an additive that achieves a color intensification of wood surfaces. It imitates the appearance of an aged surface treated with oil modified polyurethane finish or solvent-based PU finishes, by adding it to water-based LOBADUR® finishes and primers. Through the variable use in one or more layers, the color intensity can be individually controlled.
• May be combined with all water-based primers and finishes from LOBA
• For an aged look with the resistance of a finished surface
• Adjustment of newly finished surfaces to solvent-containing finished existing surfaces
• Water-based technology, solvent-free
• Simple and safe application
• Great to touch up and repair of old floors
• Convenient package and great color consistency
• Consumption: 1 x 80 ml for 5 L/KG
• Packaging (article nr.): 80 ml (151904) ws amberizer

Range of use: Suitable for all dark wood species as well as dark-colored wood surfaces. For light wood species we recommend consultation with LOBA. Perfectly adjusted for all water-based LOBADUR® primers and finishes. LOBADUR® Amberizer and finishes: Trust this combination if you want to bestow dark wood floors a warm touch and more depth effect while achieving optimal, safe and long-lasting protection. recommend consultation with LOBA. Preferably recommended for matte finishes.


The water-based primer LOBADUR® EasyPrime is a very safe choice. Suitable for almost all types of wood, offers no lap, splash or roller marks. For this reason, it is unique in the market. This product dries quickly (45-60 minutes) and gives a neutral color to the wood. Available in 1 liter and 5 liters.

Alternatively, LOBADUR® PrimaSeal Plus, solvent based primer can be used if you are concerned about any pre-contaminants in the floor you have sanded, or was previously finished with an oil and you want to now finish with a water-based lacquer system. Very quick drying times (45-60 minutes). Available in 5 liters.

Lobadur easyprime Lobadur Primeseal plus
Color system with lacquer finish

LOBADUR® ProColor: Solvent colors for lacquers. Stain for wooden floor based on solvents. For the professional staining of parquet and hardwood floors. Dries reliably and lap-free regardless of climatic conditions and can be easily varnished over with LOBADUR® waterborne finishes.

• Versatile design options
• Simple and safe application
• All variants can be mixed with each other
• Variety of possible combinations
• Each colour available in 100 ml and 0,75 ltr. Lobadur procolor

Range of use: For staining of parquet and hardwood floors In transparent and 10 deep colours: Bilinga, Black, Jatoba, Kambala, Mahogany, Papyrus, Smoked Oak, Sucupira, Wenge and White. Please see data sheet for colour range. Available in 100ml & 750ml.


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