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Loba floor finishes for Wooden Floors

The LOBADUR® water-based wooden floor finishes impress with a wide range of finishing options: Loba floor finish products are all suitable for floors with normal to heavy wear, for a matt or glossy sheen appearance and also for exotic species or for finishing with the LOBADUR® stain system (ProColor). LOBADUR® primers and wooden floor finishes are known Globally for their easy and safe application and offer the highest of quality.

Joint Filler

The LOBADUR® EasyFill Pro water-based joint filler has optimum adhesion properties that dry quickly and offer low consumption (50% lower than that of solvent-based alternatives).

Primers and colour stains

Lobadur_easyprime The water-based primer, LOBADUR® EasyPrime, is a very safe choice. Suitable for almost all wood species, this primer offers lap and splash free application, which is unique in the market. This primer dries quickly and gives the wood a neutral colour.


LOBADUR® PrimaSeal Plus is a solvent based primer that gives the wood a deeper colour. PrimaSeal Plus has a very good insulating effect and is therefore extremely suitable against wood substances and possible contamination in the joints.

Lobadur_procolor LOBADUR® ProColor is a solvent based stain system, available in 11 modern colours. The system offers excellent working time to colour a wooden floor without lap / overlapping marks, which is stress free and highly beneficial to the installer.



LOBADUR® Viva and LOBADUR® Life are one-component lacquers. These durable lacquers are immediately ready for use, straight from the bottle. Viva excels in its class for durability and scratch resistance and is available in a semi-gloss or matt sheen level.


LOBADUR® 2K Fusion is a two-component polyurethane lacquer that has high wear and chemical resistance. 2K Fusion is suitable for heavy footfall and commercial use and is available in a semi-gloss or matt sheen level.


LOBADUR® 2K Invisible Protect, is a unique two-component lacquer. This high abrasion-resistant polyurethane lacquer can be applied without a primer and is therefore applied in only two coats. 2K Invisible Protect does not only have the appearance of a freshly sanded floor, but also feels like it too. This is further enhanced by the natural and extremely matt sheen level. This light colour fits beautifully in modern interiors.


LOBADUR® 2K Supra AT (Advanced Technology) is a two-component ceramic based lacquer that is extremely wear, scratch and chemical resistant. In situations where only the very best finish is sufficient, 2K Supra AT is the market leader in its class. Available in a semi-gloss or matt sheen level.


LOBADUR® Whitener Additive is a small 80ml white pigmented, water based additive that can be added to any of our water based primers and lacquers. The 80ml bottle is the correct mix for the LOBADUR® 5L primer or lacquer bottle and can be used in 1, 2 or all 3 coats of finish, depending on the level of brightness you are trying to achieve.