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Levelling a calcium sulphate (Anydrite) subfloor

  |  Levelling a calcium sulphate (Anydrite) subfloor


It’s important to take a good look at the condition and the presence of Under Floor Heating (UHF).

The best advice for all calcium sulphate based floors is to remove the surface latents (according to manufacturer’s recommendations) and then take a moisture reading. Industry practice would suggest this is best done with a sealed Hygrometer over a period of at least 48 hours. In this case we would advise that British Standard (65%RH or less) be achieved before caring on with the levelling work.

If the sub floor is free from cracks and structurally sound it can be primed with WAKOL D3035 BEFORE levelling. If there are hair-line cracks you should apply a layer of WAKOL PU280 or WAKOL MS330 and a subsequent layer of WAKOL D3045 Gritted Primer before levelling. If there are any large or wide cracks, the floor will need to be repaired before carrying on with further work. Please call us for further advice at this stage.

Once the relevant primers have been applied and had the correct time to dry, the Wakol levelling compound can be applied. We recommend WAKOL Z520 Thin Screed for layer thicknesses up to max. 5mm. We recommend alternative Wakol levelling compounds for thicker layers and would ask you to contact us for details.



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