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How to mix Loba Whitener?

  |  How to mix Loba Whitener?

How TO mix LOBA Whitener, Additive for brightening wood surfaces.

LOBA Whitener is an additive that is added to water-based LOBA primers and finishes for a smooth brightening of wood floors. The intensity of the whitening may be individually controlled by variable application in one or more layers. Full product information can be found here, but for your convenience, please be advised as follows:

  • Avoid lapmarks: The darker the substrate, the higher the risk of lapmarks. Material must not be poured on the floor. Use LOBA finish bucket and apply directly with a recommended applicator.
  • The use in matt finishes reduces the risk of lapmarks.
  • Preferably use in at least two layers.
  • Apply LOBA products with Whitener as evenly as possible, avoiding puddles and overlaps. Ensure an even application rate. Apply edge areas with the LOBA edge roller.
  • The colour effect of LOBA Whitener depends on the type of wood. In order to assess the achievable color shade and the overall optical effect, we recommend to prepare a color sample on the original wood for your own examination and, if necessary, for approval by the building owner.
  • Wood species with water-soluble wood components (e.g. tannic acid) whose intensity can vary within a surface can influence the effect of LOBADUR® Whitener.
  • Shake the contents well.
  • Observe the general and, if available, the product-specific health and safety instructions.



  • Shake LOBA Whitener and finish well.
  • Add just before application.
  • Add a maximum of one container of 1x80ml to 5L/kg of finish.
  • Shake or stir in thoroughly (also possible mechanically with a LOBA Paint Mixer).
  • In the case of two-component systems, LOBA Whitener is added after the hardener is worked into the mass!
  • 1K finish mixed with LOBA Whitener must be applied within 24 hours,
  • 2K finishes within the indicated application time. Longer stability is not guaranteed.



  • Can be combined with all LOBADUR® WS finishes and primers. The processing properties of the finish, its product combinability and the drying time remain unchanged. Please note the TI of the corresponding finish.


Additional information:

Link video ‘LOABADUR® Whitener: Additive for brightening wood surfaces’


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